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In Ireland, as most of us know, it is very difficult to predict the weather and therefore its equally difficult to design a solution for your building that caters for that uncertainty. Commercial buildings in Ireland contribute to large energy use and carbon emissions, despite many diverse management policies (BMS) endeavoring to reduce this. There are many factors including insulation quality and ducting design that can cause energy loss through poorly designed and inadequate ventilation which can result in an increase in energy consumption.

Therefore, it is not easy to select the right AHU for your business, and the challenge can be overwhelming because not all buildings are the same. Equally consumer demands are equally never the same in each building and there are so many parameters to consider. Not only are there many ways to design an AHU solution, but your project deployment must also consider budget and the efficiency objectives.

The Importance of Air Handling (AHU)

There are specific regulations that help you ensure that there is adequately ventilation in your workplace to ensure the health and safety of staff and other occupants.

There are many reports that suggests that a well-ventilated workplace is more comfortable, healthier, and therefore a more productive environment for employees. Office and facility mangers must constantly balance the requirement to reduce cost by energy reduction while trying to balance the demands of the workplace occupants.

With regards to commercial buildings, particularly in manufacturing, it is important to maintain enough fresh air in order to address all dust and fumes vapors that might be created from a production process. The formula rate of ventilation used in calculation is basically the number of times in a day that the entire air volume in the building or plant is changed.

Finding the Right Provider

Finding the right provider like PKS is critical, a partner that will help you to determine your cooling or heating requirements of your building. You should always consult engineers like PK Services who have actual experience in designing and installing HVAC systems, across many business sectors, before proceeding with an AHU project. Early design inputs into your HVAC project can save you significant money later and throughout the life of the solution.

PKS has been that right provider since 1998 and has vast experience of delivering complex and sophisticated HVAC projects on budget and aligned to the customers’ expectations across all sectors. Talk to us today and avoid the risks and technical challenges, budget overruns and other design issues that can make AHU projects difficult to deliver.

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