PKS is the demarcation point for any issue you might have with your heating system.

Within the industry acronym (HVAC) we have Heat (Heating systems) and to describe every option and variation of possible commercial heating solutions by thousands of manufacturers would be nearly impossible. There are also an equal number of suppliers or distributors who promote their preferred solution for you to purchase.

PK Services (‘PKS’) is an independent expert and we work to design a solution that gives the customer the best result for their requirements. Being independent means that we can sometimes chose to use the best elements of different solutions to create the most effective and efficient system possible. This is something tied suppliers or distributors will find difficult to do. More importantly, PKS is the demarcation point for any issue you might have with your heating system. We do not pass on your issue to the manufacture to resolve, we own your problem until it’s resolved.

Heating Solutions

There are so many considerations and factors, but choosing the right partner for your project will be the catalyst for a successful project. If you have a project to replace or install a new heating system, there are several very important factors to keep in mind. Cost will always be up there as a key consideration, but sometimes project managers fail to consider the cost of ownership (maintenance) in addition to the overall project cost. High up on the agenda is corporate responsibility and that any solution must have environmental criteria applied to its design to reduce the business carbon footprint.

Oil, natural gas and even steam solutions have been around for a long time and they are well proven as a heating solution. However, steam systems are very inefficient with energy, and as such, they are very few new installations. Many customers are looking to replace these old systems because it costs to much to maintain them, and to do so is poor economics.

Gas and water boilers remain the preferred option for both residential and commercial customers, but many traditional boilers are being replaced with more energy efficient units, which provide greater output while using less energy. Commercial customers are also factoring the cost of maintenance and the impact of potential downtime on their business.

Heat Pumps

A trending alternative technology in both the domestic and commercial market are ‘Heat Pumps’, using heat exchange techniques as a heating solution (See Energy Tab). Designing and retrofitting these solutions into the existing infrastructure requires an expert understanding of refrigeration principles, which is core to how these units operate. PKS has significant experience in this technology. Talk to us and we will help you decide which will be the best option for your needs.

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