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The original building of this customer was built in the 1970s, and like many similar facilities, it had to expand to cater for an increase in demand, resulting in fixed and temporary classrooms being added. The expansion required a review of the existing system and its ability to support the likely increase in capacity and demand.

The existing system could not support the customers plan, as it was an old gas heating system with radiators in each classroom. The decision was taken to install new individual air heating units in the extended classroom (Cassette Split System). The project scope directed that most of the core work of fitting pipes and installing the units would need to be carried out after hours to avoid disruption.

Our Recommended Solution.

PKS recommended the Mitsubishi Unit because they have a reputation for reliability and they conform to the current gas standards (R32).

This product range has also a very low GWP, which is desirable in the context of installing equipment in public sectors buildings being aligned to the Government’s directive of energy sustainability in the design and commission of all new equipment.

The Government is looking to reduce emissions from the public sector by 30% by 2030. There is also a requirement and challenge to find a 50% improvement in the efficiency of all public sector buildings by 2030.

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