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PKS were chosen to supply critical solutions and support to high dependency divisions of the HSE including hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitations centres in Dublin and surrounding areas. Following many awarded HSE projects, PKS have acquired an important in depth knowledge of the internal operations and infrastructure of key HSE facilities centres. For that important reason, PKS are highly regarded as a key provider to the HSE because we can provide the best response to resolve critical and urgent issues to ensure a continuity of service.

In the extensive list of priorities for the HSE, none is more important then their patients well-being and comfort. However, all Government bodies including those providing health care, have to prioritise and manage the cost of providing those critical services and to find ways to obtain greater efficiencies from their infrastructure across the organisation.

PKS provides the HSE with advice and guidance in obtaining the required efficiencies, and does so with the understanding that all HSE infrastructure projects must adhere to the Government’s directive of energy sustainability in the design and commission of new equipment. The Government is looking to reduce emissions from the public sector by 30% by 2030. There is also a requirement and challenge to find a 50% improvement in the efficiency of all public sector buildings by 2030.

The Problem.

The images below are an example of one of many such projects undertaken by the HSE in 2020, to which PKS applied their expertise and knowledge of the building in the retrofitting of new high efficiency water pumps (Smart Pumps) in a live environment to maintain services. PKS installed and commissioned over 40 of these “intelligent” pumps across a number of HSE sites. Each pump can be dynamically configured through a laptop or mobile device via Bluetooth. The pump can also provide performance data, which was something that was not available with the previous equipment.



PKS retained some pumps to use as spare parts for the customer if required and disposed of all others in line with our CSR policy. The scope of any project we undertake always includes the management of our customer’s equipment lifecycle in the most efficient environmental manner by managing the disposal and recycling of systems that are beyond their useful working life.

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