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Businesses in the hospitality sector typically provide their services all year round, day and night. This means that there is a significant demand put on the background infrastructure that supports it.

From our experience in delivering essential services to the hospitality sector, PKS knows how to respond to a critical issue and how that issue can impact the service the customer is trying to provide. Unfortunately, the pressure on the various HVAC systems, which have to function continuously, means that sometimes they fail.

In the idyllic town of Trim, Co Meath, PKS have been providing products and services to the beautiful Trim Castle Hotel for many years. PKS have been providing essential HVAC services to several large hotels and tourism sites across Ireland.

Trim Castle Hotel customers demand the highest quality of service and as such, the hotel relies on partners like PKS to ensure that there is no disruption to that experience.

The Problem.

On one rare occasion, the customer was experiencing difficulties in the supply of hot water to a number of bedrooms. The hotel had originally installed three Lochinvar Gas Burners to heat water. These are very good units but over time they suffered from wear and tear. The heaters were failing and the single remaining unit was incapable of covering the demand. PKS responded and were able to maintain water supply while we investigated other options for the customer. The decision was taken to replace the units rather than repair them, as the Hotel did not want to compromise on its service and it was an opportunity to look at the running costs of heating water and explore alternatives.

The Solution.

PKS conducted a review of the output required and designed an alternative solution. PKS recommended the replacement of three gas units with a larger more energy efficient AVC ”jumbo” 800 litre “Tank in Tank” cylinder, which has an impressive recovery time of c.15 minutes and a constant temperature of 55 degrees. The design allowed us to use an existing heating source from the LPHW gas boilers that service the hotel heating. This meant that the new solution also reduces the amount of maintenance required, as there are less moving parts to service.

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The capital outlay was greater to install this solution versus the cost of repairing or replacing with a similar configuration, but the customer is already experiencing savings greater than the difference, from a reduction in both energy consumption and ongoing repair cost. There is also the benefit and comfort knowing that they can reliably provide excellent facilities to their guests while reducing the carbon footprint of the hotel.

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