Replacement Sluice and Pump Project

I love that every project we do is different and to me very interesting. One of our customers has a fantastic water feature, more lake than pond. The issue was water circulation, and the cause was a failing pump that needed replacement. First task was to lift the original monster pump out of the chamber. While we drained down the water, we took the opportunity to install a sluice valve that allows work to be easily carried out in the future. PKS exposed the pipe work, installed new inspection chamber so the new Sluice Valve could be installed. The next task was to install and commission the replacement Vogelsang VX pump. This pump runs on Hydraulic Plantohyd 40N Biodegradable Oil so if there was ever a leak it would not damage the environment.

The VX range of pumps are the ideal solution for this problem.

VX Pumps