PKS and Retail

These are some of the images captured on a comprehensive HVAC project which PKS completed in 2020. The customer brand is a household name, and this client has over 16 retail units nationwide. The retail units were a combination of new and acquired retail spaces. PKS were chosen to conduct a HVAC survey of each unit and develop a scope of works that would retrofit existing units and design, supply and install new HVAC systems into all new units.

Advising the client and working with the project Architect, PKS completed designs for each unit that would produce a state-of-the-art HVAC solution for each site that would be reliable, easy to maintain and save the customer money over the life span of the equipment.

Additional planning was required as several of the retail units were in operation, so 90% of the work on those sites was carried out after business hours. Strict health and safety procedures were put in place when work was carried out in business hours.

Full-scale Project.

Within this new unit project build, PKS installed all the required internal and external ducting as depicted in the images. This also included extract ducting and ventilation in the food preparation areas of each new site. We installed an AHU to manage fresh air movement on each site and upgraded those units on existing sites. We also installed a VRV system to cater for changes in the weather conditions, which would provide heating and cooling when required. PKS also supplied and installed new gas boilers and the new gas lines to supply them. Where units prepared hot food for consumers, PKS installed UV filtration units to remove odours in the area, but also to prevent odours traversing to surrounding residential areas. Other infrastructure installed included booster pumps, cylinders and break tanks. All new water tanks installed were also sterilised by PKS as part of the commissioning process. All this work was undertaken in alignment with the larger project programme, budget and schedule.

Across the project, PKS removed and disposed of all the old equipment in line with our CSR policy. We managed our customer’s entire lifecycle of their old equipment in a more efficient environmental manner, managing the disposal and recycling of systems that are beyond their useful working life.

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