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The principles of refrigeration have not changed a lot in over a hundred years. However, the application of refrigeration services has changed significantly and continues to change every year with new technology being introduced and new regulation in (HAVCR) verticals. This is nowhere more evident than in the food transport and storage industry. Strict regulations are in place to ensure that food remains at a constant temperature from manufacturer to distribution and on to the consumer.

Installation. Maintenance. Expertise.

Knowing how to install and maintain the physical on-premise equipment is not enough to provide a comprehensive service to manufacturers and retailers. Knowledge of the industry standards relating to the compatibility and compliance of the gas being used or phased out is essential, but equally in depth domain expertise of the industry regulation is a prerequisite of a supporting refrigeration partner.

PKS has been providing expert advice and support to refrigeration clients across multiple sectors nationwide since 1998.

Refrigerant Phaseout.

New EU regulation came into effect which required all R22 F-Gas in use is to be phased out from 2015.
Whilst HFCs do not damage the ozone layer, they do however contribute to global warming. Consequently, the EU has grouped these HFC F-Gases by their global warming potential (GWP) with F-Gases containing the highest GWP rating being the first to go.

What does this mean for me?

F-Gases will become more scarce, expensive and prove more difficult to source. In addition, the associated parts for FGAS units will be difficult to locate. It is important to select a supplier who understands these regulations, so you do not waste money.
Accelerated Capital Allowances (ACAs) can help meet the cost of new equipment. The scheme operates by writing-off up to 100% of the cost of energy efficient equipment, before calculating tax on profits. Contact us for more information.

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