Our customers benefit because we have in depth knowledge.

You can install the most expensive and efficient HVAC solution in your building but if your ducting system and ventilation infrastructure is poorly designed and installed, it will significantly impact the performance of your heating or cooling system. It has been reported that the loss can be as much as 40%. This is a well known issue, yet it is sometimes omitted in the design phase of projects.

The ducting network is an integral part of the overall solution as it is used to channel hot or cold air throughout the building. Ducting requires maintenance and sometimes its integrity is compromised because of extensive moves and changes conducted over time that get misaligned with the original HVAC system output specification.

Important Points about Ventilation & Ducting

Ducts come in a range of materials that best suit the application. Aluminium, for example, is lightweight and lends itself to modifications and complex design layouts. For applications that traverse office space, the design might require fiberglass ducting that provides sound proofing benefits. There is also flexible ducting for specific connections like ducts, fans and air grills. This all come in different sizes to cater for the air volume that may be drawn or extracted through ventilation diffusers.

Where the ducting is connected to a fan unit or HVAC unit, the customer might experience some noise issues because of excess vibration or even simple expansion. Insulation can dampen it but rarely fixes it. Flex ducting can elevate some of these issues but sometimes the only solution might be to re route the ducting. Poor maintenance or badly executed moves and changes can create leaks in ducting, which can become a greater issue than just a loss of performance. Leaks anywhere in the system can be a safety issue as they can translate into backdrafts in air flow that might contain dangerous gases, which are then accidentally circulated into the building space.

At PKS, We Have the Competitive Advantage!

By the very nature of PKS having many years of experience of installing and maintaining HVAC and associated systems for large corporate, manufacturing and health care customers, we have become a leading authority in the design, installation, and maintenance of duct work. We know that short cuts in the direction of pipework is not always a good thing and that there may be consequences to the change of the original design. Our customers benefit because we have in depth knowledge and understand how HVAC systems operate. This gives PKS the competitive advantage of being able to apply our skills to the distribution network of the air output in the most efficient manner possible.

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