There are many different tank types with different build materials.

Cast iron tanks have a long life and because of their heavy construction and potential corrosion, they do not give too much consideration to maintaining water quality. The concern is that unfortunately, many old tanks are not compliant and can pose a health and safety risk and there is also the risk of damage from potential leaks and more.

Legionnaires Disease, for example, is a form of pneumonia and is caught from breathing in the air vapour around contaminated water sources, such as badly maintained plumbing systems and in areas where bacteria build up occurs. It can also occur in water storage tanks that become stagnant from lack of use, cleaning or water recycling.

More consideration is required when considering refurbishment for tanks with potential corrosion to internal and / or external surfaces to ensure its integrity remains.

Sometimes it is simply more economic to replace the tank. A complete tank replacement ensures that regulatory standards are compiled with by de-risking your water supply quality. Anti-corrosive materials and finishes offer the best solution whilst reducing maintenance costs.

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