PKS has vast experience of managing customer water supplies.

The storage of water and treatment of the supply has become a critical topic of discussion amongst building managers and senior executives in large and small organisations. These managers are being mandated to conduct reviews of water quality that is being consumed by their employees.

According to report, more than 80% of all the wastewater from business, homes and agriculture eventually flows back into our ecosystem. This recycling repeats every day, contaminating the water and consequently poses an increased risk to consumers.

PKS Water Treatment

Employers are legally responsible for the welfare of their employees

They must provide clean water for their staff. It is fair to say that most employers do try to ensure that they comply with that requirement and some even provide bottled water for insurance. However, many examples of water contamination were recorded despite the best efforts of many employers.

Here’s where we have significant experience

PKS have a significant amount of experience of managing customer water supplies. In several large Hospital systems, PKS have installed many in-line solutions to the Hospital water supply without effecting critical services. Ultraviolet filtration is a very effective solution which has been proven to be a powerful mitigation against contamination.

In-line reverse rinsing

Another popular solution is an in-line reverse rinsing filter or bottle filter, which captures contaminants as the water passes through it. These come in many different sizes, from small residential units to elaborate complex commercial systems. The downside of these solutions is that they can require more regular maintenance and filter replacements. They can also, if improperly implemented, reduce pressure and water supply but do provide sufficient protection.

Examination and basic testing provides some protection, but…

It still creates a level of risk that would not be acceptable to businesses. The most efficient and effective method of water treatment is filtration, and there are several different solutions which PKS has provided to commercial customers. This provides comfort that they are compliant with their obligations as directors and managers.

The ultraviolet filtration solution

The solution is installed in-line with the water supply and the technology passes ultraviolet (UV) light across the water flow and eliminates contaminants carried by the water. The same principle can also be applied to air filtration as well. Water stored in tanks or served by mains supply produce different pressure (PSI) and as such, in depth design considerations before implementation is recommended. Advice that can only really be achieved through experience.

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